Solar Power – The problem with Pigeons

We can stop birds nesting under your solar panel system.

Birds such as pigeons and gulls nesting under and around solar panels can easily damage the cabling/wiring and the photovoltaic panels themselves. Bird debris such as feathers, droppings and nesting material will reduce the effectiveness of the panels. A single pigeon can produce approximately 15kg of fouling in a single year, which if deposited on the solar panels will quickly reduce their output efficiency. Bird faeces are also particularly corrosive and can result in damage to roofing as well as solar panels. Gulls and pigeons are known carriers of pathogens that can lead to disease such as  Salmonellosis, Ornithosis and Fowl Pest, as well as being hosts to ticks and bird mites.

Bird proofing your solar panels against the desire of pigeons to find a cosy nesting site is essential to help reduce the potential maintenance costs of cleaning and repairing any damage caused by fouling and detritus.

The most effective way to pigeon proof solar panels is to install meshing**. The mesh is installed all around the edging of the photovoltaic panels, which then prevents access beneath the units. This protects the wiring, equipment and roof from being damaged by nesting birds. The mesh system uses specially designed clips that will enable access under the panels for equipment maintenance, yet prevent pigeons accessing the space.

It is worth noting that solar panel proofing is harmless to the birds, it simply prevents access and encourages them to find alternative nesting sites.

100% effective when properly installed, better than using spikes, chicken mesh or other systems. Does not pierce roof or solar panel, no leaks, no drilling and it does not invalidate your solar panel guarantee.

Our high-quality solar panel bird prevention system provides protection from every type of bird, squirrel and other animals from nesting under your solar panel system. Our fixing system also does not invalidate your warranty.